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Funk Xmas Special 2016

AFFA Media in partnership with LeWeb Research Dynamix bring you the FUNK Xmas Special at the Ascott Hotel on the 15th of December 2016!

Join us and let your hair down as we end the year off in style with DJ’s and drinks at the prestigious Ascott Hotel in Norwood, Johannesburg.

A night of deep house and fun gets kicked off at 17:00 so make sure you’re there!

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Dezzi Invitational Time Attack 2016


The official full length Promo of the Dezzi Invitational Time Attack 2016 held at Dezzi Raceway, Port Shepstone, Natal, South Africa over the weekend of the 1st – 3rd July.

Music: Mordor – “Ancient Knowledge”
Appears courtesy of Yucatech Recordings / Devastation Recordings

AFFA Media becomes Official Blippar Partner

Aug·men·ted Re·al·i·ty


Noun: augmented reality

A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.


Now-a-days, young and old have a connection the digital world. Whether it’s via PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet. There is a constant connection to technology that many business or brands are already trying to break into so that their product or service is always engaged in a constant relationship with the consumer.

The newest ground breaking technology to become available is now here in Africa. Augmented Reality.
With AR, We aim to bring Africa to the forefront, alongside all other technology driven continents. Bringing our third world to the front in a way that no one thought possible.

Blippar harnesses image recognition, augmented reality, and computer vision technology to bring the physical world to life through smart devices. With the Blippar app, you can interact with consumers through everyday objects to enhance brand communications and utility with digital experience, called “Blipps”

Alongside Blippar, AFFA Media connects brands to people with interest in their products or curiosity in objects by deepening and inspiring conversations through blipps in the Blippar app.


Whatever business you’re in, we’ve got a solution that fits your needs.


With the formation of this partnership, Africa now has the ability to take the next step in marketing and advertising. AFFA Media’s dedicated team is ready to help you bring the AR world to your brand and create user experiences that enhance not only the current relationship you have with your customers, but create new, lasting relationships and engagements with those you are yet to reach.




SupaDrift Promo SD08 Port Elizabeth South Africa


The Best of the best Sub-Saharan African drifters showcase their skills by keeping it sideways and burning rubber,… The more smoke, THE BETTER!!! The way we and the judges like it!!!!
The SupaDrift Series is a flourishing motorsport entity combining the best elements of drifting and world-class eventing. Some call it the ‘sideways crayze’, and it’s a perfect motorsports lifestyle showcase and young persons/adults marketing tool – a turnkey marketing and leveraging prospect. The sport features extreme competition between cars that are relevant to today’s young people…fast, colourful and on the edge!

XS Promotions, the leader in SA action (extreme) sports and lifestyle marketing have created the SupaDrift Series for the SA crowd and ever-growing drift fans… ‘Our ambitions are to turn about motorsports eventing and introduce it to patrons and the unconverted by making it fun, exciting and real-life live entertainment; a fan can expect an ‘all sensory’ overloaded experience – roaring engines, tyre smoke, car on car battles, an ultimate blacktop thrill!’

SD was started in 2010 and has since developed and grown into a full blown series and motorsport frenzy – and soon to be international phenomena extending its franchise into Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe alike…

Drift the Planet!

Produced by AFFA Media
Music appears courtesy of Yucatech Recordings
Artist: Deeziak
Track: Krokkiot