The Cube
14 Sep 2016

The Cube

AFFA Media’s first venture into Augmented Reality

14 Sep 2016

AFFA Media’s first venture into Augmented Reality came by way of a scan-able business card via Layar. Bringing up video that played on top of the card and buttons that lead to basic functions, it was only natural that when the partnership with Blippar was finalised that something more complicated and awesome be created.


Augmented Reality

 “noun : a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. “


Blippar harnesses image recognition, augmented reality and computer vision technology to bring the physical world to life through smart devices. With the Blippar app, you can interact with consumers through everyday objects to enhance brand communications and utility with digital experience, called “blipps”.


After many different concepts and creations being brought to life, the AFFA Media Cube was born.

Showcasing the best of what Blippar has to offer, the AFFA Media Cube is accessed by blipping a business card. After bringing the business card to life, the Cube will form and users will be able to swipe it around using the responsive swipe right button below the cube.

Having the Cube in 3D space allows users to experience AR in it’s truest form, moving either their device or the business card to change the angle or view a different side of the Cube is made easier than ever.

The AFFA Media Cube shows the power of Blippar in many forms, from live 3D space, to functionality. With buttons leading to web links, PDF downloads, Fullscreen video and even a working Panoramic View button which allows users to view a hidden virtual room where ever they are, it’s no wonder why we’re always stocking up on fresh new cards.

To experience the AFFA Media Cube for yourself, simply Download our card, make sure the Blippar App is installed on your Android or iOS device and use it to scan the image bringing it to life.



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